About the Authors

Stephanie Shaw

Hello! My name is Stephanie Shaw. I am currently a Sophomore studying Meteorology at California University of Pennsylvania. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In my free time, I like to go hiking, boating, ice skating, and golfing. I became interested in weather and climate at a very early age. I am inspired by storm chaser, Reed Timmer and Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel. I chose my blog topic about the effects of climate change on arctic wildlife because I believe the public must be aware of how aspects of certain animals’ lives are becoming modified due to climate change. It is important to have this knowledge so we are well informed about this topic and so we can work to protect these animals that are in danger.

Carson Venuti

Hello! My name is Carson Venuti, and I am currently a Meteorology Major at California University of Pennsylvania; some of my hobbies include hiking, stargazing, and playing board/video games. As the acting Vice President for the Meteorology Club here, I am extremely passionate about discussion topics related to weather and climate, and I am exposed to them often. As such, I decided to model my blog posts to create a “Beginner’s Guide to Climate Change” with the goal of educating anyone to a knowledge baseline required for meaningful climate discussion.

Andrew Bower

My name is Andrew Bower, and I am a Climate Science major at CalU. I truly enjoy learning, especially when it comes to something as fascinating and interesting as Earth, its atmosphere, and the mechanisms controlling them. I’m from southwestern Pennsylvania where I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and working. I decided to focus my blog topic on the idea of geologic time and climate change. Scientists know that the climate has changed since the atmosphere was born, which is almost incomprehensibly long ago. I will investigate this idea, as well as Earth’s climate from the past, and compare them with the current rate of warming we can see today.